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Coming to Haiti?

Contact Haiti Fixers first. We specialize in support for international media and NGOs, on-the-ground research and translation, and family reunification. If you’re traveling to Haiti and need advice and support negotiating the uncertainties of life after the earthquake, a fixer can assist you with:

Our speciality is solutions. In Haiti today, uncertainty is one of the only things you can depend on. But when your plans change, our fixers adapt on the spot: finding reliable cars and drivers, that crucial tank of gasoline, a hot meal or a cold beer when you need one.

We know Port-au-Prince inside and out, and can get you where you need to go safely and with confidence.

Whether you’re coming to Haiti to look for family members, news stories, or to join the international aid effort, we can draw on our extensive network of professionals, students, local media and NGOs to connect you with whatever you need, at a price you can afford.

Contact us today to find out how our team can support you in Haiti.

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Photos of Haiti Fixers

Meet our team

Emmanuel Midi

Photo of Emmanuel smiling at the cameraLanguages: English, French, Creole

Emmanuel Midi is a journalist, researcher and coordinator. Fluent in English, French and Creole, he specializes in communications, research, translation, and assembling talented teams to get any job done.

In his free time, Emmanuel volunteers with the organization F.A.D. Haiti (Foundation of Action for Development), which provides social support, education, community values and hot meals to underprivileged children in Port-au-Prince.

Emmanuel writes a weekly blog on life in Haiti after the earthquake for the website Inside Disaster.com.

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Johnny Pierrot

Photo of JohnnyLanguages: Spanish, French, Creole

Johnny Pierrot is a logistics specialist and third-year economics major. He’s provided safety and travel advice for journalists working throughout Port-au- Prince and Haiti’s countryside.

Serious, organized, streetwise and detail-oriented, he prides himself on providing excellent logistics support (drivers, phones, internet, accommodation, and planning) at an affordable price. An experienced photographer, Johnny provides secondunit support for international media.

A dedicated athlete with a daily regime, Johnny enjoys traveling in Haiti, and meeting and working with professionals from around the world.


Photo of Nico"I worked with Emmanuel and Johnny for four intense weeks in the aftermath of Haiti's earthquake. Not only were they able to take me anywhere, find anything, and solve any problem on the spot, they were also able to guide me into the core of their city, history, country and culture. Their tireless attention to detail, logistics, and safety allowed me to really focus on my work and get every story covered in the midst of unimaginable chaos"

Nicolas Jolliet
Web Producer, Inside Disaster.com

Photo of Katie"When you're sending a colleague or friend to Haiti, the first thing you want to know is that they're safe.  The second is that they're getting what they came for.   With Emmanuel and Johnny, we got both.  They are fixers in the truest sense of the word: solving problems, suggesting new leads, and helping our team work safely, efficiently and affordably despite the country's uncertain environment.  

When our crew returned from Haiti, we hired Emmanuel to write a weekly blog for Inside Disaster.  He has the instincts and experience of a reporter twice his age: he finds great stories, checks and double-checks his facts, is tech-savvy and always delivers on time.  I trust him and Johnny implicitly, and can enthusiastically recommend their services to anyone traveling to Haiti".

Katie McKenna
Website Producer / Editor, InsideDisaster.com

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Emmanuel Midi
Email: haitifixers[at]gmail.com
Skype: midiemmanuel
Mobile: 509-3730-3198

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